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"Animals are such pleasant friends - they never ask questions, they don't criticize."
George Eliot

Cat litter: which one to choose?

Mineral, silica, vegetable or natural, perfumed... You don't know where to turn in cat litter? Follow the guide.

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Brushing your dog's teeth: why and how?

Admit it, having a dog with fresh breath is so much more pleasant. But not just that! It also means avoiding any form of oral pathology. 

Welcoming a kitten at home: the right things to do

That's it, the long-awaited kitten is finally here. To make your kitty quickly feel confident in her new neighbourhoods, follow these few basic rules.

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Let your cat out or not?

Whether experienced or novice, this is the question that every cat owner asks himself: should he be allowed to go out or kept at home? But let's approach the question differently for once.

Help, my cat is aggressive!?!?

Suddenly, my cat is scratching me pretty wildly. But why is my cat aggressive towards me?

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Welcome a second dog: our advice

Wondering how to get your dog to accept the arrival of a second dog? We give you our tips to make sure that cohabitation goes well.

Teaching your cat to walk on a leash: possible or not?

We can already hear you. What?!!!!! A cat walking on a leash? Well, as you can imagine, the leash is not just for the dog!

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Leaving your dog alone at home: our advice

A social animal by nature, dogs do not necessarily like to be alone at home. To prevent him from doing anything stupid, you must prepare him to stay safe on his own.

Cat litter box: how to make the right choice?

Choosing and managing your cat's litter box is essential to avoid uncleanliness. Here's what you need to know to make sure your cat is comfortable in its pads. 

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Keeping your cat during the holidays: our advice

You are going on holiday and like any responsible cat owner, you want the best for your kitty while you are away. Should I choose board or home? Let's take a look at the situation.


Buying Guide: The best dog brushes

Having a dog means taking care of its well-being. Among the necessary care, regular brushing of the hair. But which dog brush to choose? We tested several of them and selected the top five.

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How to cut off your cat's claws?

Taking care of your pet also involves its claws. Follow our tips to cut your cat's claws in the best way possible.

How to choose your pet sitter?

Dogsitter, catsitter, petsitter... The terminology is different but you, what interests you is to find THE person you trust who will take care of your love ball while you are away. Your choice of petsitter is therefore crucial.

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