Pet SITTING: Cat care at home

From 8€.

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You fill in the croc'doggy form 👍

This way, we will make sure to find the right petsitter for your cat. How does it work? Our teams will handle your request with the greatest care and will select the best profiles corresponding to your cat's characters/profile.

Your Pet sitter comes to you.

No need to travel anymore. Your pet sitter comes to keep your cat at home.

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petsitter meeting

meet your Pet sitter for the first time

Tell your PET sitter everything he needs to know about your CHAT

This is one of the key stages of custody. Trust us and feel free to tell us everything you know about your cat. As for what you don't know, well, it's up to us to find out. 

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confirmation email


We will then ask you how the first meeting went. And you will be entitled to a summary of all the information about your cat. 

Every time you visit your home: you receive an email

No cheating! No cheating! If you have agreed with your pet sitter that it will be 3 times a day at 9am, 12pm and 6pm, it will be a promise kept.

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Photo and news

Since you will miss him while you are away, we will regularly send you pictures of your cat.


No annual subscription is required to book on Croc'doggy. Pay cash at the beginning of the home care. Our advice: give the first half of the amount when you leave and the second half when you return.

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They may not even want to go home anymore 😉


We guarantee an impeccable service to our customers.